The following positions are currently available at Clare Woods Academy/Cupertino Home.
Title Speech/Language Pathologist
Location Wheaton, IL
Job Information

In the spirit of the philosophy and mission of the Bartlett Learning Center/Clare Woods Academy program the Speech/Language Pathologist, as a member of a team of specialists, is responsible for providing and/or group services to those students in need of speech and language development.  The Speech Pathologist is directly responsible to the Program Director for the progress of each student’s needs within the limit of his/her potential.


According to guidelines dictated by Illinois State Board of Education, the Speech/Language Pathologist must:

  1. Have a Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology;
  2. Possess Type 10 certification in Speech/Language Correction or Speech/Language Correction, or Speech/Language Impaired and/or be licensed in Speech/Language Pathology by the State of Illinois DPR;
  3. Pass a pre-employment physical and drug screening, and be free of communicable diseases, including tuberculosis;
  4. Be free of any criminal record as determined by the Illinois State Police

Hiring criteria also include:

  1. A preference for at least minimum experience working with developmentally disabled children;
  2. Emotional stability, the ability to make sound, responsible decisions and the ability to act as a leader and model for the students


The Speech/Language Pathologist will:

  1. Assist in the process of screening new students recommended for Speech and/or Language at the intake staffing;
  2. Develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) with the approval of the Program Director for each student in need of treatment
  3. Work in conjunction with classroom teachers in providing direct care for speech, language, and hearing on individual and small group basis
  4. Conduct in-service training programs for direct care staff, both professional and para-professional
  5. Attend in-house and other staffing when specific student issues are addressed
  6. Develop and maintain accurate diagnostic records including pre-test and post-test results
  7. Seek the approval of the Program Director in establishing new programs as well as changing or terminating a specific program
  8. Make referrals of students for medical evaluation and/or intervention
  9. Submit written documents of treatment results as needed for summary reports with the approval of the Program Director
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